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Being pregnant in summer – how to deal with it

Being Pregnant In The Summer – How To Cope Summer pregnancy tips – During the summer months, it can be difficult to be in your third trimester. These summer pregnancy hacks help you deal with the hot weather. Find out about pregnancy-safe sunscreens and the best swimsuits for pregnant women. # pregnant # summer # …


How to deal with nausea and morning sickness

How to Handle Nausea and Morning Sickness Morning sickness affects approximately half of all pregnant women and usually occurs between the first and third months of pregnancy. While this pregnancy symptom may not be pleasant, there are some foods that can help reduce the severity of the nausea and combat the urge to vomit. Pregnancy …


So you can deal with your newborn

So kannst du dich mit deinem Neugeborenen beschäftigen Many parents wonder how they can best deal with their newborn. What does it like when it is awake? Only tenderness or a bit of stimulation? Here you will learn how to play with your baby. #babygames #games #newborn