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PATHFINDER 21 LED headlights Headlights Headlights – Light, comfortable and weatherproof flash / flashlight – Waterproof safety lights – 4 user-friendly operating modes – Workshop for garden workshop Garden lights, headlamp for cycling, cycling, climbing, camping, dog walking, hiking, fishing, night reading, riding, Running and other outdoor and indoor activities – Adjustable head strap – 135 degree adjustable beam angle – 100,000 hours of LED life (in RETAIL PACKAGING) – BLACK (SILVER)

PATHFINDER 21 LED Headlamp Headlight Head Torch – Lightweight, Comfortable and Weatherproof Flash Light/Torch – Water Resistant Safety Head Lamp – 4 User-Friendly Modes of Operation – Garage Workshop Garden Head lamp, Head Torch for Biking, Cycling, Climbing, Camping, Dog Walking, Hiking, Fishing, Night Reading, Riding, Running and other Outdoor and Indoor Activities – Adjustable …